What are Doggie Dippers™?
Doggie Dippers™ are a brand new, unique treat for you to share with your dog. They come in two sizes and a range of great flavours. Each is packaged in a self-contained, easy to carry pack featuring select biscuits and a pot of enhanced peanut butter, for use while training in your garden, as a reward on a walk or simply as a treat to show them you care.

What’s so special about Doggie Dippers ™?
Here at Doggie Dippers™ we source our own peanuts and grind them in our own Devon-based, family-owned plant. We use no preservatives and no additives. Just good old-fashioned peanuts. We then add the magic:
Turmeric, chia seed & black pepper for mobility and joint health
Echinacea, rooibos & pumpkin seed for immunity
Honey, coconut and quinoa for get-up and go
Linseed, chamomile & lavender for calming
All are locally and ethically sourced and curated for the wellbeing of your pup.
The grain free coconut and carob biscuits are all vegan, gluten free, with no added dyes, salt, sugar or chemicals, hypoallergenic and low calorie, but wonderfully tasty! They have been selected to pair with the peanut butter varieties to provide the best taste sensation and ultimate health benefits.
Unlike some human grade peanut butters, ours are all xylitol free (it’s poisonous to dogs), salt and sugar free and we never use palm oils. Our herbs are sourced in Exeter from a specialist company and are of a higher quality than you are likely to find on your supermarket shelves meaning their benefit-giving properties really do deliver.