Doggie Dippers™ are a brand new, unique treat for you to share with your dog.

Why Doggie Dippers™ peanut butter for my dog?

Peanut butter has long been a favourite for dogs. High in protein, with no added salt or sugar it is a fabulous treat for training, grooming, hiding pills or simply rewarding!

To ensure that the peanut butter is safe for your dog, we never use Xylitol in any of our products. And by not using palm oil, and insisting on recycled and recyclable packaging our peanut butter is good for the planet too.

Our Doggie Dippers™ peanut butter range

Our range features 5 products, each designed with a specific use in mind:

Plain peanut butter – for everyday use, or as an introduction to our range

Turmeric, chia seed & black pepper for mobility and joint health

Echinacea, rooibos & pumpkin seed for immunity

Honey, coconut and quinoa for get-up and go

Linseed, chamomile & lavender for calming

Unlike some human grade peanut butters, ours are all xylitol free (it’s poisonous to dogs), salt and sugar free and we never use palm oils. Our herbs are sourced in Exeter from a specialist company and are of a higher quality than you are likely to find on your supermarket shelves meaning their benefit-giving properties really do deliver.


How do I use it?

Each Doggie Dipper™ peanut butter pot is packed full of goodness for your mutt. It can be used as a treat to reward great behaviour, to spoon into toys to keep them happy for hours, or spread onto licking mats.

Peanut butter is also great for hiding pills and medicines, and can be eaten straight from the spoon!

Why not try adding to our peanut butter with our Nibbly Bitz for added flavour, texture and fun!??

However you decide to serve it, we are sure that your dogs will love it!

Our ethics

Our promise is that all our products are good enough for us to eat before we consider letting our faithful friends near them. We only use human grade ingredients – no off-cuts, no chemicals, no filler.

Not only are Doggie Dippers™ peanut butters good for our furry friends, they are good for the planet too. We only use recycled and recyclable packaging wherever possible, with all our trays and boxes coming from sustainable sources and fully recyclable.


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